Christopher Winehart, Soldier

Christopher Winehart was born Jan. 16, 1844, in Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey. His family moved to Peshtigo in 1863 to engage in the lumber business. He enlisted in June 1864 in Company B 1st Wisconsin Cavalry. He was in the command of General Sherman at the Victory of Atlanta. He was in the battles at Marietta, Hopkinville, Rome and other engagements hardly known in the pages of history.

Winehart returned to Peshtigo after his muster out of the service. He returned to the lumber business, and on the night of Oct. 8, 1871, was one of the heaviest sufferers of the fire. His father, mother, brothers Philip, George, and Fred and sisters Susan, Libbie, and Margaret were burned to death in the fire. Margaret’s husband, Charles Bruette, and 18-month-old son perished with her. Mr. Winehart survived and married Jennie Tourtilott on July 4, 1876, in Peshtigo and had four children.

Information from soldiers and citizens album of Biographical Record which contains personal sketches of Army men and citizens. A history of the Grand Army of the Republic was published by the Grant Army Publishing Company in 1888. Story provided by the Peshtigo Historical Society and was printed in The Peshtigo Times on Jan. 16, 2019.