Names of the dead: Not affiliated with particular place

This content was found in a binder in the Fire Museum.

Names of the dead found in documents and archives but not affiliated with a particular place of death

From a 1985 newspaper report
A partial list of those who perished in the terrible fire at Peshtigo in 1871 given in a Marinette paper suggests that several families who at one time resided in this city (Oconto) were among the victims.

Charles Tousley, wife, and three children
Mrs. Tousley was a daughter of Mrs. Marion Fisher, now a resident of the East ward, and beside her body was found a Bible with plush and clasps burned away, and other relics of that sad time are in Mrs. Fisher’s possession.

Perrane Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Victorine Burgoin and thirteen children,
once residents of De Pere and later of Peshtigo, Wisconsin; Mr. P. was a sister of Mrs. Eleanore Martineau of Oconto—the latter the mother of Antoine, John, and P.A. Martinea