Warren Seymour

Warren Seymour, member of G.A.R. Post No. 207, was born Jan. 12, 1845, in Dexter, Michigan.

His parents moved to Oconto to engage in farming when he was ten years old. He enlisted Dec. 5, 1861, in Company I 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry. His Company was to protect Union citizens, disperse guerillas, and take notes of rebel movements. In 1863, Company I was sent to escort post supply trains and encountered rebels at Cabin Creek. Later, at Honey Springs, and Baxter Springs, they encountered rebels disguised in Federal uniforms. Mr. Seymour was one of the few who escaped death. He was discharged on Sept. 25, 1866, with the rank of Corporal.

Mr. Seymour returned to Peshtigo where he married Catherine Leslie and had eight children. He was engaged in farming with his family on land near Peshtigo. On October 8, 1871, they passed through the horrors of the fire with devastated their entire property. They survived the fire except for his son Levi who died from the heat and exposure. Warren Seymour remained in the area and continued farming after the fire.

The Peshtigo Historical Society, in an effort to bring greater awareness to the organization, shares stories taken from the soldiers and citizens album of Biographical Record which contains personal sketches of Army men and citizens. A history of the Grand Army of the Republic was published by the Grant Army PUblishing Company in 1888. This article appeared in The Peshtigo Times on April 17, 2019.