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Warren Seymour

Warren Seymour, member of G.A.R. Post No. 207, was born Jan. 12, 1845, in Dexter, Michigan.

His parents moved to Oconto to engage in farming when he was ten years old. He enlisted Dec. 5, 1861, in Company I 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry. His Company was to protect Union citizens, disperse guerillas, and take notes of rebel movements. In 1863, Company I was sent to escort post supply trains and encountered rebels at Cabin Creek. Later, at Honey Springs, and Baxter Springs, they encountered rebels disguised in Federal uniforms. Mr. Seymour was one of the few who escaped death. He was discharged on Sept. 25, 1866, with the rank of Corporal.

Mr. Seymour returned to Peshtigo where he married Catherine Leslie and had eight children. He was engaged in farming with his family on land near Peshtigo. On October 8, 1871, they passed through the horrors of the fire with devastated their entire property. They survived the fire except for his son Levi who died from the heat and exposure. Warren Seymour remained in the area and continued farming after the fire.

The Peshtigo Historical Society, in an effort to bring greater awareness to the organization, shares stories taken from the soldiers and citizens album of Biographical Record which contains personal sketches of Army men and citizens. A history of the Grand Army of the Republic was published by the Grant Army PUblishing Company in 1888. This article appeared in The Peshtigo Times on April 17, 2019.

John Utter

John Utter was born on August 4, 1844, in Canada. His family lived in Michigan, and he enlisted in the Company K 22nd Michigan Infantry on August 7, 1862. His regiment was in the Battle of Chickamauga where he was taken prisoner on September 29, 1863. He was confined to Danville, Charleston, and Andersonville, where he endured the cruelties, hunger, and miseries of the rebel soldiers. At the time of his capture, he weighed 150 pounds; while in prison, he suffered from gangrene in his third tow which he amputated himself with a dull knife to save his life. He was a prisoner of war for 15 months and weighed 92 pounds when paroled on December 13, 1864.

After the war, Mr. Utter moved to Peshtigo to work in the lumber business. He married Ada Phillips, and they were residing in Peshtigo on the night of October 8, 1871. Mrs. Utter and her two children burned to death. Mr. Utter survived, and after the fire married Sylvia Phillips, aunt of his first wife.

The Peshtigo Historical Society, in an effort to bring greater awareness to the organization, shares stories taken from the soldiers and citizens album of Biographical Record which contains personal sketches of Army men and citizens. A history of the Grand Army of the Republic was published by the Grant Army PUblishing Company in 1888.

Christopher Winehart, Soldier

Christopher Winehart was born Jan. 16, 1844, in Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey. His family moved to Peshtigo in 1863 to engage in the lumber business. He enlisted in June 1864 in Company B 1st Wisconsin Cavalry. He was in the command of General Sherman at the Victory of Atlanta. He was in the battles at Marietta, Hopkinville, Rome and other engagements hardly known in the pages of history.

Winehart returned to Peshtigo after his muster out of the service. He returned to the lumber business, and on the night of Oct. 8, 1871, was one of the heaviest sufferers of the fire. His father, mother, brothers Philip, George, and Fred and sisters Susan, Libbie, and Margaret were burned to death in the fire. Margaret’s husband, Charles Bruette, and 18-month-old son perished with her. Mr. Winehart survived and married Jennie Tourtilott on July 4, 1876, in Peshtigo and had four children.

Information from soldiers and citizens album of Biographical Record which contains personal sketches of Army men and citizens. A history of the Grand Army of the Republic was published by the Grant Army Publishing Company in 1888. Story provided by the Peshtigo Historical Society and was printed in The Peshtigo Times on Jan. 16, 2019.

Dead in Williamsonville

This information was found in a binder in the Peshtigo Fire Museum

The following reported by Thomas Williamson in 1871. Researched and contributed by Janet McNeil

There were also two French families, whose names I do not know

Bowdoin, Frank

Bucklin, George, wife, and babe

Coneya, wife and child of Maxeme
Of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Died in the well in Williamsville. Maxeme, Cyril, and Jarvis Coreya survived.

Conlon, John

Cyrin, Thomas
Died in the well in Wiliamsonville

Dansen, Charles

Donlon, James

Donley, Frank

Heaney, Miss Maggie

Langlois, Louis

Jervis, Emery

Jerviss, Henry

McAdams, Frank, wife, and three children

Memereau, Nelson, wife, and two children

Married, Joseph, wife, and three children

Nicholson, Dennis

O’Connor, John

O’Hearne, Johnny

O’Hearne, Patrick

O’Neil, Maggie

Olson, Anson

Rochen, Michael

Verbunker, Joseph

Whalen, Michael, wife, and two little boys

Whitbeck, Charles

Williams, Jason

Williamson, James, wife, and children

Williamson, John, and father Mr. Williamson

Williamson, Maggie

List of persons burned at Birch Creek in the town of Menominee, Michigan

Information found in a binder at the Peshtigo Fire Museum.

The residents of Birch Creek are the last known victims of the Fire.

Ames/Eames, Mrs. Phineas, age 42, and two children: Lincoln, age 7, and Mary, infant
Mr. Ames, badly crippled in both hands and feet, and two daughters were saved

Brokling, Peter (age 40), wife Kate (age 45), and five children: Kate 15, William 9, Philip 8, Theodore 6, Fred 1

Blanrette, William (age 6) and Nellie (age 3)

Hill, James (age 42) and three children: William 13, John 6, Mary 3
Mrs. James Hill and a daughter about 14 were saved. Mrs. Hill’s hands were so severely burned that the flesh between the fingers united and has been recently cut apart.

Kuninger, Karl, age 38

Linden, Charles, age 18

Vallier, M. N., age 63

Osidiler, O. B., age 28

Two travelers, strangers; names unknown

List of burned in Brussels, Door County, Wisconsin

This information was found in a binder in the Fire Museum.

Kolbeck, George, wife, and three children

Milichewart, Joseph, wife, and four children

Mutter, Frank, wife, and two children

Pavlic, Casper, a child of

Seveikert, Michael, wife, and five children; also the wife’s father and mother, names not ascertained

Shelber, John, wife, and child

Trydy, Wife, and five children; also the wife’s father and mother and his brother-in-law, names could not be ascertained

Weiss, Louis, wife, and one child

The following were burned at Schoefield’s & Co.’s Mill, section 15, Brussels, Door County, Wisconsin

Crow, John (a Native American)

Doughtery, John

Doughtery, William

Doughtery, Sarah

Disotelle, Mary

Ligot, Hypolite

McNames, John

McWilliams, Daniel (colored)

Wood, John


Larch, Caspar, and two children of Peter Larch

List of the burned in Lincoln

Information found in a binder at the Museum

Bodot, Mrs. Louis
was found in the woods eight days after the fire, crushed to death by a fallen tree

Denis, Mary

Delafosse, Matilda

Dantoin, Mrs. Joseph, and three children
Although burned to death herself, she had so well-protected an infant in her arms that it was saved, though badly burned

Licot, Maurice
Left his house with a roll of leather and a new pair of boots which he left after proceeding a short distance; he returned, it is supposed, to save his wife. His remains were found in the cellar; his wife saved her life by lying beside a heap of stones in the field.

Wendrick, Mrs. John B.
Left her house to go to the house of a neighbor, Dantoin, for three of her children, which she got, and left with three of Dantoin’s children; they were all burned to death.

List of dead in Peshtigo

From information found in a binder in the Fire Museum.

An estimated 800 lives were lost among the residents of Peshtigo Village alone, most unrecognizable.

Alvord, John, wife, and one child

Alwine/Elwert, Johann (nee Goeth)

Baker, Augusta
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Barton, Roger
Died from effects of the fire at Peshtigo Harbor

Beebe, John, wife Francis, children Neomi 8, William 5, Lelia 1

Beebe, J. E. (James, son of William and Frances) and wife Elizabeth
Infant son Charles survived.

Beebe, William, wife Frances, and son Alvin
Also son James and his wife Elizabeth (see above)

Bosworth, Mrs. Olive
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Bronett/Bronette, Mrs. Charles (Margete) and two children: Carrie 5 and infant
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Brown, Ophelia and son Alwin Patten (son from first marriage)
Both died while escaping the flames from the hotel her second husband, Washington Brown, managed. Husband Washington and son Alfred Silas Brown, age 2 years, survived. (Obituary of Washington Brown states that wife and four children died in the fire). Contributed by descendant Julie Opoien.

Bruette/Brouillette, Mrs. Anton (Harriet Emily [White] LeBlanc)
Husband Antoine was owner of the hotel in Peshtigo; ran to the river and survived. Mrs. Bruette perished in the fire during her trip home from dinner at their son Antoine Thomas Bruette’s home. Contributed by family descendant Patrick. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Bruette, Mrs. Charles (Margrette, age 24), and infant child
Daughter Carrie, age 5, and husband Charles survived. Charles was the son of Peshtigo residents Charles and Amelia Bruette.

Burton, Roger
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Bush, Charles, wife, and six children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Capoose, Mrs.
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Cramer, Mrs. Michael (Diana Carnel) and two sons, Levi and Sidney
Husband Michael Cramer and son William A. survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Clement, Joseph G.
Just married; wife saved

Clements, George
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Curtis, William, and adopted daughter Mattie
Eliza Curtis’s husband, also English, died in the Fire, having hanged himself in the well with their adopted daughter, Mattie. Eliza survived, though permanently crippled, and later married fellow survivor Michael Cramer. Descendant: Pam Taylor

Ellsworth, John, wife, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

England, Mary Ann Snow (Mrs. William), age 48, and three children: Emma 9, Edwin 4, and Martha 18 months
Fled to the village and were burned. Husband and eight children remained in the sugar bush and were saved.

Hensen, Peter, 48, wife Carry, 28, and four children: Hans 15, Edward 11, Anna 7, Paul 4

Jacobs, Frank, infant son of Francis and Mary Jacobs
Was taken to the river by his aunt, Charlotte Seymour; both drowned. Frank Sr and Mary survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Kehoe, John
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Kerr, James
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Kenan, James

Kuncner/Kutzner, Ernest
Found in river. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

LaFave, Joseph, wife Mary, and children: Patrick 13, Josephine 11, Evaline 9, Virginia 7
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Laughlin, Mrs. Robert, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Lawrence, Charles 37, wife Mary 36, and four children (all born in Wisconsin): Caroline 10, Charles Jr 5, John 3, infant
Age 37, farmer; he and wife born in Mechlenberg; fled from lower Sugar Bush to village and were all burned near the river

Lemke, Frederika (born 1839) and five daughters: Sophia, Caroline, Emma, Tina
Wife of Charles; Sophia (b. 1863) 8 years 11 months 16 days, Caroline (b. 1864) 7 years 5 months 11 days, Emma (b. 1866) 5 years, 3 months 15 days, Nettie (b. 1867) 4 years 6 months 15 days; Tina (b. 1869) 2 years 6 months 4 days;

Marion, Elizabeth
Born 1848, died Dec. 4, 1871

Marsh, Nellie
Daughter of P. J. Marsh

Marshall, Nellie, age 8
Daughter of Paul and Martha Marshall who survived

Mellen, George (born 1857), sister Nellie (born 1867), and baby Ella
Parents were James M. Mellen and wife Anne Hopkins. Mr. Mellen lost two children while en route to the flat below the dam and never could find a trace of them. Their infant, only weeks old, also died of exposure as the survivors struggled on the Peshtigo River mud flats at the village of Peshtigo. Survivors were James Sr 41, Anna 39, and children: James Jr 19, William 17, Albert 10, and Anna Jr 5. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McDonald, Mrs. D. R., and five children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McDonald, Mrs. Leroy (Margaret, born 1839), and five children: Alexander, Donald A, Janet, Mary M, John
Children details: Alexander (b. 1864) age 7, Donald A (b. 1867) age 4, Janet (b. Feb 1871), age 9 months, Mary M (b. 1869) age 2, John (b. 1861) age 11.

McGregor, Daniel, and wife

McGregor, Donald, and wife
Donald born 1842, age 29 (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McGregor, Sarah
Born 1845, age 26

McGregor, Janet
Born 1856, age 15

McGregor, Mary
Born 1848, age 23

McGregor, Lily
Born 1869, age 2

McGregor, Alvey
Born 1870, age 1

McGregor, Margaret (widow, age 55, born in Ireland), one daughter and two sons:
Jennie 14, Duncan 17, John 19 (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McGregor, Mrs. James, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McPherson, Lucien
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McMinn/Mcnine, Mrs. Silas (Maria, age 34)
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Monaghan, Patrick
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Newberry, Walter 38, wife Frances Louisa Prestine 35, and children: Nellie 5 and Walter 2
Walter was a teacher

Olestrom, Charles, wife, two children, and a lady visiting (name unknown)

Olive, infant
Parents Franklin and Amelia Olive, with brothers Frank 4 and William 2 survived, but an unnamed infant died as a result of the fire. The family ran through the flames to the mud flats along the Peshtigo River. Contributed by descendant Carl Bennett.

Olsen, Nellie
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Olsen, Custie
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Olsen, Anna
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Olson, Hans, wife, and two children

Olson, Anson

Penerie, Mrs. William, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Penree/Penrey/Pentree/Penry, Charles Jr, wife Dilly 22, and two children: Wilber age 18 months and an infant

Penree, Charles Sr, and wife Hannah
Both age 71; of New York. Sons Alfred and George were lost in the fire in Peshtigo (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Penree, Alfred
Brother of George and Richard whose family George and Alfred were living with (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Penree, George
Brother of Alfred and Richard whose family George and Alfred were living with (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Peths, John Phillips, Mrs. William, and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Place, Job, wife, and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Platten, Alwin
Age 10, died with his mother Ophelia Brown while fleeing flames that overtook their hotel. Stepfather Washington Brown and half-brother Alfred Silas Brown survived. (Obituary of Washington Brown stated that his wife and four children died in the fire.)

Plush, Charles
Age 79; wife Phyllis, son James, and daughter Emma survived (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Potter, J. T., child of Mrs. Wilson, died at Marinette

Scott, Joseph, child of, died at harbor
Joseph, wife, and one child survived

Seymour, Miss Charlotta
Drowned in river (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Slaughter, Mrs. Robert (Margaret), and daughter Maggi
Contributed by Sarah Thorson

Still, Mrs. Wilson
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Stitt, Caroline (Mrs. Wilson)
Age 34, mother of seven children. Husband Wilson and six children known to have survived the fire. Contributed by Jennifer M. Lyons.

Sturgeon, Mrs.
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Tackman, Mrs. (Christina)
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Tanner, Mrs. J. M. (John), wife Sarah A, age 26, and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Thompson, William T. (age 26) and wife Cordelia (age 23)
William was born in Wisconsin and was a store clerk (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Timmer, John, two sons, and a daughter
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Van Byninger/Ryzinger, John – Johannes van Rijsingen (also van Rysinger)
Born Oct. 23, 1829, at Uden, Netherlands. From the book Dutch American Voices: Letters from the United States, 1850-1930 by Herbert J. Brinks, which has the text of a De Groot family letter from an Appleton noting of the 1871 fires, “Johannes van Rijsingen, from Uden, is also reported dead.” Same appears in a volume in Dutch that looks to be quoting the same letter. Johannes’s wife and children were known to have survived. Contributed by descendant Robert Van Ryzin.

Westfall, Charles, wife, and his father

Winters, Neils

Names of the dead: Not affiliated with particular place

This content was found in a binder in the Fire Museum.

Names of the dead found in documents and archives but not affiliated with a particular place of death

From a 1985 newspaper report
A partial list of those who perished in the terrible fire at Peshtigo in 1871 given in a Marinette paper suggests that several families who at one time resided in this city (Oconto) were among the victims.

Charles Tousley, wife, and three children
Mrs. Tousley was a daughter of Mrs. Marion Fisher, now a resident of the East ward, and beside her body was found a Bible with plush and clasps burned away, and other relics of that sad time are in Mrs. Fisher’s possession.

Perrane Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Victorine Burgoin and thirteen children,
once residents of De Pere and later of Peshtigo, Wisconsin; Mr. P. was a sister of Mrs. Eleanore Martineau of Oconto—the latter the mother of Antoine, John, and P.A. Martinea

Names of the dead: Sugar Bushes

This content was found in a binder in the Fire Museum.

List of the dead in the Sugar Bushes

Alschwager, Mrs. John (Minnie) and one infant child
Husband Charles and five children saved

Auest, Fred (Aust, Friederick—November 22, 1822 – October 8, 1871
Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County, Wisconsin; wife saved

Aldis, William, wife and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 17, 1871) were from Connecticut, visiting the family of Nathaniel May, which also perished

Mrs. Nepthallon May
was the sister of Mrs. Aldis

Boemer Casla and Caroline

Bruse, Mrs. August and three children: Sophia (born 1825), George (born 1863), Frederick (born 1860)
Buried in Mays Corner Cemetery, now Marinette County, Wisconsin. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871). Husband and two children saved, August, father, August Jr., Heinrich

Bell, Mrs. (Sharlott/Charlotte) William
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871). Husband William Bell and adopted child, William Louck, age 11, saved.

Birney, Caroline; lived with Chas. Chapman and family; burned

Bush, Charles, age 26; wife Katherine 33, and six children: James 14, John 11, George 7, Anna 6, Henry 4, and Harvey 2
(Milwaukee Sentinel Oct. 16, 1871)

Bosworth, Olive Phillips, with two children of John Taylor’s
(See son John Taylor and granddaughters Sarah and Alice Taylor perished; John’s wife Sylvia Phillips Taylor and daughter Mary Melissa Taylor survived. Contributed by descendant Laura D. Washabaugh); widow Olive Phillips Bosworth was living with son Alvah Phillips family but in fear refused to leave her spot beneath a tree and burned to death outside. The house and family inside were spared (contributed by descendant Linda Phillips Loser).

Bush, John, age 19, died one week after fire of burns
Lived and worked on neighboring farm of Charles Bush

Brackett, Augusta

Bartels, Miss Augusta
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871) was visiting her grandmother; of Peshtigo. Daughter of Capt. Fred J. Bartels.

Boerner, Mary (mother, age 39), William (age 13), Casta (age 9), Caroline (age 8), Fred Jr. (age 3)
The story that has been passed down through the years: my great-grandmother and one of her sisters survived the Peshtigo Fire by jumping in a well. My Grandmother was Mary (age 10) and her sister was Minnie (age 6). The family spells the name Boerner. I know that Fred moved to Minnesota and remarried. Both the girls married Wezenaar brothers and raised their families in Marinette County. It does state in Mary’s Boerner’s obit that she was a survivor of the Peshtigo Fire; I think everyone else did die within a year of the fire. Survivors were father Fred Boerner and daughters Mary, Minnie. Contributed by Becky Hammill-Berg.

Bohemaster, Henry, wife, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Carrough, Fred, wife, and one child; also the father-in-law and mother-in-law
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871) 

Chapman, Charles, wife Betsey, and infant son; and hired man and girl
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Church, John (age 47), wife Lucinda (age 49), and three sons: Warren (age 19), Theodore (age 22) and ?
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871) Warren Church cut this throat rather than be burned; he was saved from the fire, then died from self-inflicted wound. Family was from New York.

Church, Phoebe
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Cook, Jacob E., wife, and three children
burned in root house

Cramer, Joseph, wife, and four children

Curtis, William, and daughter Martha burned in the well
Mrs. Eliza Curtis, his wife, was badly crippled by fire and remains so

Diedrich, Joseph (alias Bailey), wife, and three children
Enlisted in the 5th Wisconsin Infantry under the name of Bailey and drew a pension for wounds until he was burned. His wife was found dead, standing upright, leaning against the roots of a large tree.

Doyle, Patrick, wife, Mary, and seven children: Nelson 16, Lelia 11, Henry 5, John 3
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871) Only four children found on census. Family was known to have been upon their farm at the time of the fire. Nothing has been heard or seen of their remains since. Mrs. Doyle was a daughter of John Derryman of Mill Point, Michigan. Three of the children by her first husband, Ferguson.

Davis, Norman, wife Clara, and three children: Freddie 12, Loren 9, Charles 3. James Hays, a hired man, and a hired girl (name unknown) also burned.
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871) This family was burned in a well.

Drees (also Dress), Elizabeth, and son John, about age 4
Wife of Joseph Drees, who survived (contributed by Toni Ristau)

Duket, G (1828 – 1871)
Buried with Benjamin and Amelia (Emily) Duket in Harmony Cemetery, now in Marinette County, Wisconsin

Duckett (Duket, Ducatt, Ducket) Benjamin (1809 – 1871, wife Amelia (aka Emily, 1815 – 1871) and one child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871) Living next door, son Thomas, his wife Ellen, and their children Eber, Joseph, Drummond, Benjamin, and infant William all survived. Buried in Harmony Cemetery, now in Marinette County.

Dunlap, William and adopted child

Duronso, John (1858 – 1871)
Buried in May Corners Cemetery, now in Marinette County

Eamer, Mrs. Mary Ann Burton, and daughter Mandy
Husband William, two sons, James and Philip, survived. Survivor descendants: Lily Worrall and Gail Hewlett. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Fagan, Mrs. (Jane 22) Martin and two children, Margaret 2 and infant
Husband saved. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Finch, Eben
Believed to have perished while visiting in the Peshtigo area. Age 74 years. Contributed by Lynn Davies

Fletcher, Mary, and Halsey, children of Lucius
Lucius Eaton Fletcher. Lucius served in the Civil War. He was a member of the Wisconsin 5th Cavalry Company H. He lost two children in the Peshtigo Fire. Fletcher, Lucius, wife Maryette Jacobs, children Cora, Oscar Leroy, Ernest E survived the fire. My grandfather Ernest Emery was born 1871 in Peshtigo. Contributed by John Fletcher. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Glass, Florabelle, and William, children of James
Obituary clipping from 1942, my G.G. Grandfather Albert Glass was a survivor. The clipping states that he was a survivor, his siblings Florabelle (age 13) and William (age 3) Glass, children of James Glass and the late Susan R. Glass (1837 – 1868) were killed in the fire. James Glass, his four children, Florabelle, Albert, Thomas, and William were all listed in the 1870 census, Grover, Marinette County, Wisconsin. Contributed by Gina Nelson. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Gregor, John, and wife

Halswafer, Mrs. died Oct. 30 from burns and acute bronchitis; also her son Charles who died four days after the fire

Hayes, Israel
Wife saved

Hayes, Henry Sr.
Buried at Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Hayes, James
Was a hired man and burned in the well with the Norman Davis family

Hayes, Rebecca F (1851 – 1871, wife of Henry Hayes Jr.), and infant son, Earl
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Helms Charles J (1812 – Oct. 13, 1871, wife Fredrica S. (1818 – Oct. 8, 1871) and son Charlie (1859 – Oct. 8, 1871)
Mr. Helms traveled a long distance in the fire. The calves of his legs burned loose, dragging on the ground, held by cords. Was taken to the hospital in Marinette but soon died. Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Helm, John (died three days after fire of burns), wife, and child

Helnore, Morris
Parents S. John, wife Matilda Helnore, children Thor and Charles survived. The family was living in Peshtigo at the time of the fire (contributed by Tim Helnore)

Highmore, Mrs. Hiram, and six children

Hill, L. H., wife Abigail (nee Jackson) Cass-Hill, and her father Asa Jackson
Abigail was mother of survivor Asa Cass; L. H. Hill was step-father of Asa Cass. Buried in Harmony Cemetery, now in Marinette County. Researched and contributed by Linda Phillips Loser.

Hoyt, Charles E, wife, and one child

Hoyt, Enoch, wife Martha, and one daughter, Jessie 15
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Jackson, Harry, two-year-old child of E. A. (Ezra) and Eliza Jackson
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Jackson, John, left with the child named above
John was Harry’s uncle who lived with his brother Ezra and sister-in-law Elizabeth. Ezra was helping Eliza and infant daughter Carrie to escape and they survived.

Jackson, Asa
Age 79, living with L. H. Hill and wife who perished and her son Asa Cass who survived. Reported burned, remains not identified. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Kappus (Koppus), Catharine (wife of Chris), and two children
Husband Christian and three children saved. My great-grandfather Christian Koppus died months later from causes related to the fire. Contributed by Fran Koppus.

Kappas, Christian (husband of Catharine)
My great-grandfather Christian Koppus died months later from causes related to the fire. Contributed by Fran Koppus.

Karrow, Michael, and wife
Two children saved

Kelly, Terence/Terrance (1832 – 1871), and one child, Terresa/Theresa M, age 2 (Aug. 8, 1869 – Oct. 8, 1871)
Buried in Peshtigo Fire Cemetery. Wife and three children saved. Family contact: Paul Kelly (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Kiefer, Peter, wife, and two children
One saved. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

King, John, wife Sarah, and four children: George, June, Barbara, John Jr.
A daughter and son, Ann and James, away from home were saved. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

King, Robert, wife Mary, and three children: Charles, Shantell, Marvens
A daughter, Delia, absent from home, saved. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Kroesle, child – child of A. Kroesle
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Lafay, Joseph, and wife

Law, James
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Leach, Ann
Wife of Peter Leach

Leach, Lot, wife, and infant

Lemke (Lamp, Lamk, Lembk), Mrs. Charles/Fredricke (Dec. 29, 1833 – Oct. 8, 1871), and five children: Sophie (born Nov. 22, 1862), Caroline (born April 24, 1864), Emma (born July 4, 1866), Nettie (born March 24, 1867), Tina (born April 4, 1869)
Marker at Peshtigo Fire Cemetery. On a wagon, fleeing for safety when one of the horses fell; Charles got out to help him up and finally succeeded in doing so, and upon returning to the wagon found his family all dead. He finally reached a small brook nearby in which he lay until morning. When he returned, he found the remains of his family and wagon entirely consumed. Charles survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Leach family
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Leasure (Lasure), Julia (Mrs. Joseph Jr), age 33, and three children: John, age 11; Florence, age 9; Edwin, age 5
Husband saved. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Loucks, Lindsey, and wife
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Loucks, Nelson, wife Mary, and two children: Edgar, age 4; Jane, age 2
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Loyal (Loval), John
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Mac, Rose, and her children: Amos, Henry, and Minni Lou

May, Nathaniel, wife Hannah, and infant child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

McMaan, Mrs. Silas (Maria), age 34
Husband Silas survived

McPearson, L. H. (Lucien H.)
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

McPearson, Mrs. Sally
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Meyers, William, and family
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Moore, Mrs. Hiram (Fanny, 1839 – 1871), and five children: John 13, Esther 11, Elizabeth 9, Ellenor 5, Fruman 2
Mr. Moore could not induce them to leave the house after it was enveloped in flames and barely escaped himself.

Myers, George (age 31), wife Anna (age 26)—both born in Baden—and four children: Joseph 5, Anna 3, Mary 2, infant
Died in town of Peshtigo

Newton, Ralph, age 8, and Lizzie (Elizabeth), age 5, children of Samuel and Helen Newton
Samuel and Helen Newton survived and remained in Peshtigo. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Newberry, Henry Sr (1799 – 1871)
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County. Wife Nancy, age 64, saved. She was away from village of Peshtigo visiting her daughter in Menominee, Michigan. Henry had come to Wisconsin 15 years before the fire. Out of a family of seventeen, twelve perished in the fire. Contributed by Bonnie Thayer, Newberry family descendant, great-granddaughter of William P. Newberry

Newberry, Charles O. (1839 – 1871), and two children: son Franklin (born 1864), daughter Jessie (born 1866)
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County. Son of  Henry Newberry Sr. Wife Joyce saved.

Newberry, Edward S (age 22), wife Selah F. (born 1851), and infant child
Sone of Henry Newberry Sr. Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County.

Newberry, Louisa (born 1839)
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County

Newberry, Nellie (born 1867)
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County

Newberry, Walter B. (born 1834), wife, and three children
Son of Henry Newberry Sr. Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County

Newberry, Walter (born 1869)
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County

Olson, Mrs. Nelson, and two children
Husband and two saved

Ouset, Fred, wife, and lady friend

Papp (Popp), William Jr, age 14
Living with Father William Sr, mother Mena, and brother Charles, age 12. The rest of the family has not been accounted for in future censuses. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Pratt, Alvin A., wife Margaret, and two children
Later printed that two were saved. Children in 1870 were John 17, Fannie 12, Susan 10. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Prestine, Mrs. Joaquin/Joseph (Fredrica), her daughter with husband and five children, and another daughter and husband with three children
Husband badly crippled

Perault (Perrane), Nelson, wife, and eight children, and a Frenchman with them could not be ascertained; Angelique Girard Burgoyne, age 61, widowed mother of Victoria with whom she made her home
Wife was Victoria Burgoin, also Burgoyne); children included adopted son Levi Haynes Perrane, born 1856; Edward Perrane, born 1860; Amelia Perrane, born 1864; Henry Perrane, born 1866; Adelia Perrane, born 1867; Lorraine Perrane, born 1868, Marie Perrane, born 1870; newborn twins (names unknown; found in mother’s arms); and Angelique Girard Burgoyne

Race, Martin (age 56), wife Almira (age 44), and two children: Charles, age 14, and Ida, age 9
Farmer in town of Peshtigo. Two children survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Reinhart, Mrs.

Seymour, Fred
Sone of Isaac J. and Charlotte; reported in Peshtigo list. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Soper, William
Sone of John and Aermes Souper. Aermes and brothers Norris, Charles, and Richard survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Sheponto, Peter

Smith, John Fritz, wife Victoria (both age 24), and two children: Katherine, age 1, and infant
Lived in town of Peshtigo (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Smith, Mrs., of Menasha
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Spear (Speer), Samuel H., age 36, wife Malina, age 27, and two children: Frank, age 5; George, age 2
Born in New York. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Segar, Lyman, wife Mary, and child Harriet, age 2
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Strinz, Charles

Tousley, Mr. C. R., two children
Mr. Tousley cut the throats of his two children and his own; all found dead

Taylor, John, and two daughters, Sarah and Alice; mother of John, Olive Bossworth, also perished
Wife Sylvia and one daughter, Mary Melissa, saved. Contributed by descendant Laura D. Washabaugh.

Utter, Mrs. John (Ada Elmire Phillips), and two children: John Utter Jr. and Eliza Ann
Husband saved. Ada was the daughter of Austin and Martha Phillips. Contributed by LInda Phillips Loser. (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County

Vanderhoven, John

Wanikee, John
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Warnecke, John (born 1795)
Buried in Mays Corners Cemetery, now Marinette County

Wenzel, John Sr., and wife

Westfall, Charles, wife, and father
(Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)

Westfall Mr. (died two days after fire), wife, and son

Wienhart (Weinhart, Weinhardt), Philip, wife Elizabeth (Zeek), and five children
Four saved (Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 16, 1871)