List of dead in Peshtigo

From information found in a binder in the Fire Museum.

An estimated 800 lives were lost among the residents of Peshtigo Village alone, most unrecognizable.

Alvord, John, wife, and one child

Alwine/Elwert, Johann (nee Goeth)

Baker, Augusta
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Barton, Roger
Died from effects of the fire at Peshtigo Harbor

Beebe, John, wife Francis, children Neomi 8, William 5, Lelia 1

Beebe, J. E. (James, son of William and Frances) and wife Elizabeth
Infant son Charles survived.

Beebe, William, wife Frances, and son Alvin
Also son James and his wife Elizabeth (see above)

Bosworth, Mrs. Olive
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Bronett/Bronette, Mrs. Charles (Margete) and two children: Carrie 5 and infant
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Brown, Ophelia and son Alwin Patten (son from first marriage)
Both died while escaping the flames from the hotel her second husband, Washington Brown, managed. Husband Washington and son Alfred Silas Brown, age 2 years, survived. (Obituary of Washington Brown states that wife and four children died in the fire). Contributed by descendant Julie Opoien.

Bruette/Brouillette, Mrs. Anton (Harriet Emily [White] LeBlanc)
Husband Antoine was owner of the hotel in Peshtigo; ran to the river and survived. Mrs. Bruette perished in the fire during her trip home from dinner at their son Antoine Thomas Bruette’s home. Contributed by family descendant Patrick. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Bruette, Mrs. Charles (Margrette, age 24), and infant child
Daughter Carrie, age 5, and husband Charles survived. Charles was the son of Peshtigo residents Charles and Amelia Bruette.

Burton, Roger
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Bush, Charles, wife, and six children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Capoose, Mrs.
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Cramer, Mrs. Michael (Diana Carnel) and two sons, Levi and Sidney
Husband Michael Cramer and son William A. survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Clement, Joseph G.
Just married; wife saved

Clements, George
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Curtis, William, and adopted daughter Mattie
Eliza Curtis’s husband, also English, died in the Fire, having hanged himself in the well with their adopted daughter, Mattie. Eliza survived, though permanently crippled, and later married fellow survivor Michael Cramer. Descendant: Pam Taylor

Ellsworth, John, wife, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

England, Mary Ann Snow (Mrs. William), age 48, and three children: Emma 9, Edwin 4, and Martha 18 months
Fled to the village and were burned. Husband and eight children remained in the sugar bush and were saved.

Hensen, Peter, 48, wife Carry, 28, and four children: Hans 15, Edward 11, Anna 7, Paul 4

Jacobs, Frank, infant son of Francis and Mary Jacobs
Was taken to the river by his aunt, Charlotte Seymour; both drowned. Frank Sr and Mary survived. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Kehoe, John
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Kerr, James
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Kenan, James

Kuncner/Kutzner, Ernest
Found in river. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

LaFave, Joseph, wife Mary, and children: Patrick 13, Josephine 11, Evaline 9, Virginia 7
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Laughlin, Mrs. Robert, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Lawrence, Charles 37, wife Mary 36, and four children (all born in Wisconsin): Caroline 10, Charles Jr 5, John 3, infant
Age 37, farmer; he and wife born in Mechlenberg; fled from lower Sugar Bush to village and were all burned near the river

Lemke, Frederika (born 1839) and five daughters: Sophia, Caroline, Emma, Tina
Wife of Charles; Sophia (b. 1863) 8 years 11 months 16 days, Caroline (b. 1864) 7 years 5 months 11 days, Emma (b. 1866) 5 years, 3 months 15 days, Nettie (b. 1867) 4 years 6 months 15 days; Tina (b. 1869) 2 years 6 months 4 days;

Marion, Elizabeth
Born 1848, died Dec. 4, 1871

Marsh, Nellie
Daughter of P. J. Marsh

Marshall, Nellie, age 8
Daughter of Paul and Martha Marshall who survived

Mellen, George (born 1857), sister Nellie (born 1867), and baby Ella
Parents were James M. Mellen and wife Anne Hopkins. Mr. Mellen lost two children while en route to the flat below the dam and never could find a trace of them. Their infant, only weeks old, also died of exposure as the survivors struggled on the Peshtigo River mud flats at the village of Peshtigo. Survivors were James Sr 41, Anna 39, and children: James Jr 19, William 17, Albert 10, and Anna Jr 5. (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McDonald, Mrs. D. R., and five children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McDonald, Mrs. Leroy (Margaret, born 1839), and five children: Alexander, Donald A, Janet, Mary M, John
Children details: Alexander (b. 1864) age 7, Donald A (b. 1867) age 4, Janet (b. Feb 1871), age 9 months, Mary M (b. 1869) age 2, John (b. 1861) age 11.

McGregor, Daniel, and wife

McGregor, Donald, and wife
Donald born 1842, age 29 (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McGregor, Sarah
Born 1845, age 26

McGregor, Janet
Born 1856, age 15

McGregor, Mary
Born 1848, age 23

McGregor, Lily
Born 1869, age 2

McGregor, Alvey
Born 1870, age 1

McGregor, Margaret (widow, age 55, born in Ireland), one daughter and two sons:
Jennie 14, Duncan 17, John 19 (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McGregor, Mrs. James, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McPherson, Lucien
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

McMinn/Mcnine, Mrs. Silas (Maria, age 34)
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Monaghan, Patrick
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Newberry, Walter 38, wife Frances Louisa Prestine 35, and children: Nellie 5 and Walter 2
Walter was a teacher

Olestrom, Charles, wife, two children, and a lady visiting (name unknown)

Olive, infant
Parents Franklin and Amelia Olive, with brothers Frank 4 and William 2 survived, but an unnamed infant died as a result of the fire. The family ran through the flames to the mud flats along the Peshtigo River. Contributed by descendant Carl Bennett.

Olsen, Nellie
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Olsen, Custie
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Olsen, Anna
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Olson, Hans, wife, and two children

Olson, Anson

Penerie, Mrs. William, and child
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Penree/Penrey/Pentree/Penry, Charles Jr, wife Dilly 22, and two children: Wilber age 18 months and an infant

Penree, Charles Sr, and wife Hannah
Both age 71; of New York. Sons Alfred and George were lost in the fire in Peshtigo (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Penree, Alfred
Brother of George and Richard whose family George and Alfred were living with (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Penree, George
Brother of Alfred and Richard whose family George and Alfred were living with (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Peths, John Phillips, Mrs. William, and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Place, Job, wife, and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Platten, Alwin
Age 10, died with his mother Ophelia Brown while fleeing flames that overtook their hotel. Stepfather Washington Brown and half-brother Alfred Silas Brown survived. (Obituary of Washington Brown stated that his wife and four children died in the fire.)

Plush, Charles
Age 79; wife Phyllis, son James, and daughter Emma survived (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Potter, J. T., child of Mrs. Wilson, died at Marinette

Scott, Joseph, child of, died at harbor
Joseph, wife, and one child survived

Seymour, Miss Charlotta
Drowned in river (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Slaughter, Mrs. Robert (Margaret), and daughter Maggi
Contributed by Sarah Thorson

Still, Mrs. Wilson
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Stitt, Caroline (Mrs. Wilson)
Age 34, mother of seven children. Husband Wilson and six children known to have survived the fire. Contributed by Jennifer M. Lyons.

Sturgeon, Mrs.
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Tackman, Mrs. (Christina)
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Tanner, Mrs. J. M. (John), wife Sarah A, age 26, and two children
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Thompson, William T. (age 26) and wife Cordelia (age 23)
William was born in Wisconsin and was a store clerk (Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Timmer, John, two sons, and a daughter
(Milwaukee Sentinel, October 16, 1871)

Van Byninger/Ryzinger, John – Johannes van Rijsingen (also van Rysinger)
Born Oct. 23, 1829, at Uden, Netherlands. From the book Dutch American Voices: Letters from the United States, 1850-1930 by Herbert J. Brinks, which has the text of a De Groot family letter from an Appleton noting of the 1871 fires, “Johannes van Rijsingen, from Uden, is also reported dead.” Same appears in a volume in Dutch that looks to be quoting the same letter. Johannes’s wife and children were known to have survived. Contributed by descendant Robert Van Ryzin.

Westfall, Charles, wife, and his father

Winters, Neils