List of the burned in Lincoln

Information found in a binder at the Museum

Bodot, Mrs. Louis
was found in the woods eight days after the fire, crushed to death by a fallen tree

Denis, Mary

Delafosse, Matilda

Dantoin, Mrs. Joseph, and three children
Although burned to death herself, she had so well-protected an infant in her arms that it was saved, though badly burned

Licot, Maurice
Left his house with a roll of leather and a new pair of boots which he left after proceeding a short distance; he returned, it is supposed, to save his wife. His remains were found in the cellar; his wife saved her life by lying beside a heap of stones in the field.

Wendrick, Mrs. John B.
Left her house to go to the house of a neighbor, Dantoin, for three of her children, which she got, and left with three of Dantoin’sĀ children; they were all burned to death.